Tatura is one of the largest Australian owned producers of infant formula, making dairy products for over 100 years. Tatura is situated in the Goulburn Valley surrounded by the farms that supply the fresh milk. This milk can be traced right back to the farm it came from to ensure its quality.

At Tatura we produce some of the most highly regarded products in the market place. Most recently Tatura has announced a partnership with Australia’s leading natural health brand Blackmores to supply a range of formula products.

Our speciality life stage nutritional powders are designed to support all life stages from newborns through adolescence, to adults and the elderly. Our products are manufactured under the strictest, most stringent quality standards through every stage of production – from the farm to the finished product.

Life Stage Nutritionals Applications and Segments

Breast milk is the normal way to feed a baby and is important for baby’s health. Professional advice should be followed before using an infant formula. Introducing partial bottle feeding could negatively affect breast feeding. Good maternal nutrition is preferred for breast feeding and reversing a decision not to breast feed may be difficult. Infant formula should be used as directed. Proper use of an infant formula is important to the health of the infant. Social and financial implications should be considered when selecting a method of feeding.

Market Segment Description Applications
Maternal Milks Used during the first, second & third trimester of pregnancy Used by women who are either trying to conceive or during pregnancy
Breast Feeding Milks Used throughout breast feeding Ideal for use by breast feeding women
Infant & Follow On 0-6 months and 6-12 months Provides the complete feeding requirements for infants
Toddler Milks 1-5 years. (Milks specifically from 3 years and on can be flavoured) A supplementary food for toddlers who are eating solids
Children’s Milks 5-12 years. (Milks can be flavoured if required) A supplementary food for young children
Teen & Young Adults 13-19 years. (Flavoured as required) A supplementary food for teenagers – offering targeted physical health benefits
Adults 19-40 years. Bone, weight management, heart health, digestion, diabetes, weight gain, muscle development A supplementary food offering targeted physical, lifestyle and health benefits
Adults (40+ years) 40+ years. Bone, joints, weight management, digestion, diabetes, heart health, menopause, memory A supplementary food offering targeted physical, lifestyle and health benefits
Seniors Bone, joints, weight management, digestion, complete feeding, diabetes A supplementary food offering targeted physical, sustenance, lifestyle and health benefits