At TATURA we have the resources to meet the varying needs of our customers. We have 4 spray dryers of varying sizes. Two compact spray dryers and 2 multi stage spray dryers. These dryers give us the scale and ability to deliver to unique and diverse customer requirements. We have the ability to economically build supply as our customer’s business grows.

At our wet mixing facility raw ingredients are blended according to specific customer requirements. We have the technology that allows us to produce a range of specialized products, including many varieties of nutritional infant formula. Our milk can be blended with a wide range of nutritional ingredients including vitamins, minerals, proteins and oils based on customer needs. Continuous monitoring ensures the wet mix composition remains exactly within customer specifications.

Our powder packing plants are uniquely flexible to adjust to a wide variety of customer demands. This flexibility in delivering to individual customer requirements is one of the key advantages of a partnership with TATURA. Where appropriate, products can also be certified organic, halal, or kosher.