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The TATURA recruitment process is outlined below.

1. Initial application

When applying for an advertised position with TATURA, we recommend the following:

  • Read the position description carefully
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the responsibilities and tasks of the position
  • Ensure you comply with the mandatory or preferred qualification requirements
  • Address the key selection criteria provided

Your application should also include the following information:

  • Introduction letter – stating the position you are applying for
  • Resume – include a statement of qualifications (copies of qualifications, licences and professional registrations if required should be available at interview)
  • Key selection criteria – outline experience, knowledge, skills and personal qualities against each criterion
  • Health declaration – the form in the position description should be completed and signed

More information that may be useful to you when addressing the key selection criteria can be found on the FAQ page.

2. Making the shortlist

To have the best chance of success when applying for a position, it is important to specifically address each of the key selection criteria and explain how your experience, knowledge, skills and personal qualities meet each one.

The selection panel will make the decision to shortlist candidates based on these responses and will take into account each of the following:

  • Qualifications (either mandatory or preferred)
  • Previous experience
  • Personal qualities
  • Knowledge and skills base
  • Understanding of the position requirements

3. The interview

Short-listed candidates will be asked to attend an interview with a panel made up of a minimum of two people. The interview procedure at TATURA uses a mixture of questions made up of:

  • Information gathering – you may be asked to expand on, or clarify information included in your application, possibly your career goals or to explain your specialist skills and knowledge
  • Behavioural questions – these may be regarding your competence in areas of decision making, technical or specialist skill, interpersonal skills and time management. They may also include “situational testing” where you are given a scenario, exercise or case study and asked to brief the panel on how you would handle the situation or identify the key issues.
  • Applicant questions – there will be an opportunity to ask the panel questions about the role or company to help you make an informed decision about your own suitability for the position.
  • If further assessment is required, a second interview may be undertaken.

As an applicant, you can prepare for the assessment by:

  • Reviewing your skills and experience against the key selection criteria
  • Anticipating questions that might be asked
  • Researching the work environment

4. Pre-employment checks

  • Referee Checks

Reference checks will be conducted with two or more current referees from the details you supply, preferably a current and/or previous supervisor or manager.

  • Health Screen and Medical Checks

Prior to starting with TATURA all new applicants are required to complete a health screening and physical assessment. Health screening is specific to each position and is conducted by qualified health professionals on-site at TATURA.

Positions that have high physical demands or potential health risks will also require additional pre-employment screenings and physical assessments. These will be conducted by health care professionals nominated by TATURA who will assess your capacity to safely, independently and productively carry out the reasonable requirements of the position.

  • Additional Checks

Depending on the requirements of the position, other checks may be carried out. These may include:

  • Mechanical reasoning and psychometric testing
  • Proof of identity
  • Professional registrations
  • National Police record checks may be required if TATURA has legal requirements involving the position

5. Being selected

If you are successful and offered employment with TATURA, an offer will be made verbally with a formal letter of offer following which will detail information on the position, title, award coverage (as applicable), commencement date and salary. In order to accept the position, a signed copy of the letter of offer is to be returned to TATURA.

6. The induction

All new employees of TATURA participate in a formal orientation program which includes an online induction program, site tour, safety and quality induction, on-the-job training as well as ongoing training programs as determined by the work area manager. Post-placement support is also provided to employees with access to a TATURA Life Coach and other employee assistance programs.

Our human resource goals

As the recruitment and selection process can affect an organisation’s image as an employer and its ability to attract quality staff, our policies and procedures reflect good human resources practices with the following objectives:

  • To be respectful of the applicant and to treat with confidentiality all applications for employment.
  • To provide evidence of the required capabilities; to be transparent, equitable, timely and effective in meeting the business needs of the company.