The unique thing about TATURA is its size, in that sense you’re not a number you’re actually a farmer, you’re actually a person. The field officers know you by name. You can talk to the general manager or down to the field staff or people in the factory, they’re always approachable right through. It’s like one big happy family. Quality is an important thing because we know that we are a food provider and we like to achieve the best quality food we can. We’re supplying the infant formula which is a very important market, so we take a lot of pride in making sure that we always send quality milk.

Having that small unique close relationship with the factory has always been able to help support the farmers. I’ve been on the farm all my life and milking was the way to go. We’ve been supplying them for 37 years. Hours are long and it’s pretty rewarding when you see the results of some of the work you do on the farm, it’s always pretty good when you see the vat is full. We’ve got 320 acres, we milk 200 cows. We’ve always milked around the 200 number. So my father started milking cows on this property in 1967 and we started with TATURA milk, so we’ve been with TATURA milk ever since and wouldn’t be with anyone else.