All fresh milk used by TATURA is delivered directly to the factory from our own Victorian dairy farmers. Each farmer maintains in-shed quality testing and monitoring of their animal health to ensure all milk products are of a high quality and consistent standard at all times.

Every load of milk is individually tested providing up to date milk quality information back to the farmer including results for Thermodurics, Bactoscan, Bulk Milk Cell count, Antibiotics, Butterfat percentage and Protein percentage. The quick turn-around of test results is accessed via a secure web site called FarmWeb and the use of SMS which allows the dairy farmers to react quickly to any issues and allows analysis and trends in quality to be accurately tracked.

Our products are manufactured under internationally certified quality management standards using the most current and innovative production techniques available. Our TATURA Quality Milk Program (TQMP) is employed by all of our suppliers and provides for on farm quality assurance. TQMP is accredited by Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV).

TATURA’s quality assurance system is based on the ISO 9001 series which is an accredited quality system covering all aspects of the manufacturing process. The system includes the factory, staff, calibration and maintenance of equipment, hygiene, occupational health and safety to mention a few. Every aspect of the manufacturing process is carefully scrutinised and integrated into the quality assurance process.

Our factory and products are

  • ISO 9001 Accredited since 1995
  • Use the HACCP based quality system for dairy food safety
  • Halal and Kosher registered
  • Dairy farmers are accredited with the Tatura Quality Milk Program since 2001
  • ACO and NASAA certified Organic Products

TATURA – Quality, Innovation, Flexibility – Guaranteed.